Tuesday, June 8, 2010

SHH, Your In a Library

On any given day I could spend hours at Barnes and Nobles browsing through the bookshelves,  sipping their overrated coffee from their overpriced cafe.  I love the way books feel in my hands, crops pages, covers that haven't been bent or mutilated by younger siblings and everyday life (I have 5 younger sisters).  I could read book jacket after book jacket and when I leave I walk out empty handed except for more titles on my ever-growing book list.  

I used to spend all my money on books, until reality hit, along with a bunch of bills.  Then one day while flipping through my wallet, I rediscovered my once treasured and now abandoned a library card. It hit me that I could read all the books I wanted for free! Who would have thought?  Going to the library has been the best thing, and even if it doesn't have the book I want I can get it sent over from another one.  So don't forget about the library its a great way to expand your mind without expanding your debt.  Now just don't wrack up a huge late fee. 

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